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How can a narcissistic co-parent impact you?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Family Law

Whether you are struggling to deal with a co-parent guilting you or trying to deal with a child who is suddenly acting different, you may wonder how narcissism impacts parenting.

Learning about the common problems people face can help you take a step back and deal with custody issues in a positive way.

Strained parenting dynamic

According to Psychology Today, many narcissistic co-parents do not see the unique traits of their children but instead force them to be who they want them to be. Seeing their children grow up and become independent can worry them.

This means you need to pay attention to how your co-parent tries to control your children or influence them.

Confusing signals

You may become tired or feel overwhelmed at the ways a narcissist tries to win over people, such as giving your children extra dessert or trying to break parenting rules to make them like him or her more. Being aware of this dynamic can help you prepare to combat it by talking about this behavior with your children.

Inappropriate and rude behavior

Dealing with threats or guilt trips from an insecure co-parent can drain your energy as time goes on. Although you may want to give in and agree to stop the manipulation, your co-parent may want this to happen in order to gain more control over your children’s medical choices or education.

Learning to ignore the drama and seek out stress-relieving hobbies and activities can help you center your mind before you approach a volatile person like your co-parent. Noticing these side effects and signs can help you avoid fights due to your co-parent’s narcissism as you deal with child custody.