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What Are Workers Eligible For After An Injury?

We make home visits when necessary. Email or call us at 240-728-2202 for more information. Workers’ compensation claims are welcome at Axelson Williamowsky Bender & Fishman P.C. Our workers’ comp attorneys have a great deal of experience representing both individuals who have been injured on the job and the families of workers who died due to conditions on the job, before each of the following bodies:

  • Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission
  • DC (District of Columbia) Office of Workers’ Compensation
  • Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission

Office Location, Home And Hospital Consultations

Our firm has five offices at which an individual can speak to a workers’ comp attorney, and our lawyers are also able to make home or hospital visits to injured clients throughout the area. We understand the emotional trauma that many individuals and families experience after a severe job-related injury, illness or death, and we strive to provide the most effective yet compassionate legal representation throughout the workers’ comp process. In nearly any line of work, people can and do get hurt.

An injury, an illness or a death due to one’s job is the fundamental requirement for workers’ compensation benefits, whether its cause is:

One event – An accident that results in injury/illness/death. There are hundreds of possible scenarios in which workers may be injured on the job, including construction accidents (scaffolding accidents, crushing injuries), slip and falls, burn accidents, etc.

Repeated exposure at work – This may include an illness due to exposure to toxic chemicals, damage to a worker’s hands or another body part from doing the same motion over and over, damage to their legs from standing too much or too long on the job, or long-term damage to one’s hearing from constant loud noise. Our firm will help determine workers’ compensation benefits eligibility for an injured individual or the survivors of someone killed in their line of work.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Each of the workers’ comp commissions has its own guidelines and requirements for injured workers who want to file a claim for benefits. Generally, the workers’ compensation benefits provided by each fall into five categories:

  • Medical care benefits: For medical treatment, including long-term care and medical devices
  • Temporary disability benefits: Monetary compensation to replace lost income when the injured cannot work at their job during the recovery period
  • Permanent disability benefits: Compensation that replaces lost income from a permanent inability to work due to the injury or illness
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits: Geared toward helping the injured worker find new employment; these benefits may involve job retraining, education, and/or job placement assistance.
  • Death benefits: Financial compensation for the dependents of an individual who was killed on the job or who died due to conditions on the job

There are many, many types of job-related injuries and illnesses that usually provide a basis for a successful workers’ compensation claim. Each case has unique circumstances that must be considered by a knowledgeable attorney and workers’ comp panel, but a few of the most common types of eligible injuries and illnesses can be listed as follows:

  • An injury caused by lifting heavy equipment (once or repeatedly or habitually)
  • Slipping on an oily or wet surface
  • Injury due to defective machinery, an explosion or a fire
  • Black lung disease, cancer, asthma, mesothelioma, lung damage from exposure to toxins
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion disorders
  • The worsening of an individual’s preexisting medical condition
  • Psychological damage due to work stress (in some jurisdictions)

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