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Who fights more over assets in divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Family Law

Assets are a huge factor in many divorce cases right from the start. In essence, assets even lead to the divorce itself for many people.

But are there certain groups or individuals who may fight more than others when it comes to assets and asset division?

Assets and financial security

Business Insider sheds light on the couples most likely to fight over asset division. Perhaps surprisingly, the upper middle class appears to be the most prone to arguments when it comes to asset division.

Couples with a net worth of between $1 and $5 million have so many arguments that the media has dubbed them “the fighting class”.

Comparatively, couples with over $5 million in net worth have the highest rate of amiable divorces of any other wealth class. Thus, it is hard to say that the number of assets ties directly to arguments in a divorce.

Instead, it may boil down to financial security. Some couples feel more or less secure than others, and thus have more incentive to fight for as many assets as they can possibly get in order to continue living the life they are used to.

The impact of personality

Of course, individual personality and also relationships factor majorly into the number of fights over assets. For example, if one party feels seriously wronged by the other, they are more likely to fight for a larger share of assets.

Thus, it can be a bit difficult to determine whether or not a divorce will have a particularly high or low rate of arguments over assets, as it is highly individual. Some factors may contribute to arguments more than others, though.