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3 components a simple estate plan needs

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Estate Planning

When someone in Maryland dies without a will or estate plan, that individual relinquishes a good deal of control over what happens to their legacy and personal affairs when they die. If you include yourself among those who have yet to put an estate plan together, you should know that an estate plan does not have to be lengthy or complex to help you accomplish some of the most important estate planning objectives.

According to Bankrate, many people create solid, straightforward estate plans that contain just three main components: a will, an advance health care directive and a power of attorney.


If you include nothing else when putting together your estate plan, include a will. A will gives you the power to dictate where you want your assets to go after you die. In the absence of a will, the duty of distributing your assets falls on the state of Maryland.

Advance medical directives

Advance health care directives come in various types, but they all let you assert your wishes with regard to medical care in the event you suffer incapacitation. This takes some of the burden off your loved ones or family members, should something unthinkable occur.

Powers of attorney

Different types of powers of attorney grant different rights, but these forms allow you to designate someone you trust to manage certain financial or personal affairs for you. Powers of attorney do not strip away your own rights, but rather, give someone else the right to make certain decisions on your behalf.

Including these three components in your estate plan helps ensure, not only that your wishes come to be – but also, that your estate settles without unnecessary delay.