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How should you talk to your kids about divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Family Law

There are many situations where divorce is the best possible solution for family issues and conflict. However, the process is still upsetting for all involved but is especially hard on children.

Many kids believe they played a role in what happened or may worry about whether their parents still love them. You can mitigate these concerns by discussing divorce with your kids in the correct manner, which can reassure them and assuage their fears. Here are a few steps you can take.

Use age-appropriate language

The way you talk to your kids about the issue depends on their age and maturity level. It is best to use simple and clear language with young children, without going into lots of detail. When children are older, they will probably want more information than younger kids. In this case, be honest and upfront, but refrain from providing too much detail on the nature of your split.

Answer questions the best you can

Your children will have questions related to the family home, their school, and other situations that the divorce might affect. You should answer these questions to the best of your ability to ensure kids are fully prepared for what comes next. If you do not have answers at the time, tell your kids that and promise to provide updates as the situation develops.

Offer reassurance to children

Finally, make sure kids understand that their relationship with you and the other parent is not going to change. They must know that both you and your former spouse will continue to love them and play important roles in their lives going forward. You should also provide reassurance on an ongoing basis, especially if your children have a hard time coping with the issue.