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Counterproductive behaviors to avoid during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Family Law

The collapse of your marriage is bound to be a distressing development. Despite previous expectations of eternal wedded bliss, the relationship lies in ruins.

Leaving someone can be more or less complicated depending on how one reacts. Negative behaviors increase unpleasantness and stir negative energy.

Behavior #1: Hiding concerns from your attorney

You want to enter divorce court with the best possible odds of a favorable outcome. For this to happen, your legal team needs foreknowledge of issues that might crop up. Examples include infidelity and gambling debts. Living in denial and continuing as though problems do not exist could set the stage for embarrassment and frustration. Discuss sensitive topics in private before they emerge at trial.

Behavior #2: Posting questionable material on social media

Posts displaying pettiness may come back to bite you. The odds are high that your soon-to-be-ex will find these toxic comments and stockpile them as ammunition. The wisest decision may be to take a hiatus from online participation. If you must contribute to internet forums, stick with self-protective practices.

Behavior #3: Acting out of spite

Leaving nasty phone messages and sending hateful texts are two of the worst possible decisions during this time. Venomous sentiments, no matter the delivery method, will become courtroom evidence. Further, resist the urge to make life difficult for your former partner, even in insignificant ways. Brush up on the most effective techniques for managing anger.

How you respond to the stress of divorce remains vital. Avoid conduct that piles on the drama or could turn a ruling against you.