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How can scaffolding lead to a serious construction injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

When on a construction site, you may not initially worry about facing safety problems while climbing on a scaffold. However, these structures can pose a threat that may leave you with a serious injury to your spine or back.

Discovering more about the ways that scaffolding can impact you is important after a long-term injury.

Thrown tools

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, suffering from struck-by injuries is one risk while on a scaffold. When another worker tosses a tool or accidentally drops it down where you are working below, it may hit you on the head and even knock you out for a period of time.

Complete collapse

When a worker fails to properly construct the scaffold or fix parts of the platforms, it can collapse on you. Rusted screws, malfunctioning pulleys and any other kind of broken parts may also contribute to this issue.

If the scaffold you are on collapses, you can fall several feet or sustain additional injuries from heavy beams or objects falling on you. A coworker or manager who is not paying attention to OSHA requirements could be a source of these errors.

Electrical wires

Dealing with electrocution from loose or unsecured wires near you while you are on a scaffold can leave you with serious health problems. Those in charge may not tell you about these wires or fail to shut off the electricity properly.

No matter what kind of scaffolding trouble you face, the time immediately after a construction injury is important for taking action.