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What are some common injuries painters suffer from on the job?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Painters are the unsung heroes of the construction and home improvement industry, transforming drab surfaces into works of art with their skilled hands. However, this profession is not without its hazards.

Painters face numerous workplace injuries that happen due to no fault of their own.


Painters often work at heights, whether on ladders, scaffolding or elevated platforms. Falls from these elevated positions can lead to severe injuries, including fractures, concussions and even fatalities.

Repetitive strain injuries

Repetitive tasks like brushing, rolling and spraying can take a toll on a painter’s body, leading to repetitive strain injuries in the wrists and back. This is not an altogether unpopular injury, since 9% of American adults suffered from a repetitive strain injury in 2021.

Chemical exposure

Exposure to paints, solvents and other chemicals is an inherent part of a painter’s job. Prolonged exposure without adequate protection can result in skin irritations, respiratory issues and more severe health problems.

Respiratory problems

Inhaling paint fumes and dust particles is another risk for painters. Chronic exposure to these airborne irritants can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis.

Eye injuries

Painters are at risk of eye injuries from splashes of paint or debris. These injuries can range from minor irritations to serious eye damage.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Painters often perform physically demanding tasks like lifting heavy paint cans, carrying equipment and reaching awkward angles. These activities can lead to musculoskeletal injuries like strains and sprains.

Someone struggling with their health after an injury while painting may feel stressed and worried about what steps to take next. Those in charge should minimize risks so that injuries do not happen on the premises in the first place.